Fixing to the Van by a longitudinal anchoring bar that allows to distribute  the vehicle running stresses not on the individual  anchors, but for the whole length of the bar. This fixing / anchoring system facilitates the shelving systems fitment and respects the integrity of the vehicle.

This Shelf anchorage system to the Van has not only been designed to be ergonomic and stable but it has also been designed to be patented in order to guarantee the safety of the Staff uses.

GEMA®, in its production process, uses only high quality materials such as stainless steel and aluminum.

A particular attention has also been given to the single element / product geometry, carefully rounded and free of sharp edges.

A GEMA® single element / product has been studied to obtain the maximum resistance maintaining extremely small dimensions.


The whole of things has a double advantage:

A minimal aesthetic impact

Absence of obstacles when a work is carried out near the enchorage