We are constantly searching for qualified Installers or qualified Partners to install our GEMA® outfitting systems, people who are already involved in the Commercial Vehicles business interested in managing the installations of our outfitting systems at our customers’ locations and acting too as signalers for any new quotation request.

Thanks to our current business results, we obtained the Trust from thousands of customers, who, thanks to your help , they can be better satisfied.
We have a continuous evolution due to the market needs which do not wait for! We do not just want to operate as a Supplier or Installer, we wish to have a commercial cooperation with the others Companies in order to grow up together. Our Method is completely innovative and result-oriented.

Our work philosophy is the one to work with determination to achieve double satisfaction: the satisfaction of those who buy the GEMA® outfitting systems and the satisfaction of those who propose and assemble them.

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